Avoiding Burnout


IMG_3559.JPGI have been close to having another Burnout. And for some reason it is always at the same(ish) times of the year. September/October and goes a bit into November.

Now. I was able to control this one. And I lasted a lot longer then I would have thought.

I was so tired. But I have been working 40+ hours a week. Some weeks I was at two jobs (one was a seasonal job).

I have been in school with midterms and finals being close together.

I have been skating and competing every other weekend.

And essentially I was burning out.

I was sleeping a lot. I was crying almost all the time.

So when my restaurant took time for renovations. I made the decision to step aside and take the two weeks off.

Currently 26/11 I am in the second week off. And honestly it did me wonders.

Sleeping, trying to get my life back on track.

When rested I was able to do things I did not have the chance to get done while overworked.

I was able to focus on rehabbing the knee injury. And honestly it was the best decision I made.

Most people I have seen, also commented that I look a lot more happy and free these past few days. And truth be told, they are not wrong. I know where they are coming with it.

I need a few more days to think things through and then I think I will be ready to go back to work.

But I have some new found motivation and I am ready to kick some butt.


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