Appointment with Surgeon


So, last week I was at Chiro. And we were treating my knee. And it had been an ongoing discussion for weeks but finally we thought it would be time to see the Surgeon for my knee.

Now. My chiropractor called to get the appointment. And they had an opening the following day at 2:45.

So I took the opportunity. And grabbed it, moving my entire schedule around.

I then finished work the next day and sped off to the appointment. I kind of knew where it was going to be because I used to always be around that area, but it was the matter of getting there or not.

I checked in at the reception and sat in the waiting room. My scheduled appointment was for 2:45pm.

And before I knew it 3:45 had come and gone.

And 4:45. It got to the point I was doing my essay on my computer.

Then finally I was called in. There was still one patient in front of me. But at least I got a step closer being in the room.

He came in. He introduced himself. (I will leave names out for obvious reasons).

He then asked me what had happened.

And I explained my knee had been hurting for some time. And I got the MRI done that was ordered by my rhuemetologist after a Spine Injury.

The results came back and I had a torn meniscus.

He questioned why I had the injury and honestly I have no idea how I got it. I said it might have had to do something with skating or falling but I am not sure.

So he gave me a look and kind of rolled his eyes.

He took my images and tried to find anything on them to prove I did not have a torn meniscus.

And I was like…just staring at him.

He continued showing me images as if I were to know what is on them. But I have no idea how to read these tests or MRIS. So what choice do I have to do? Just agree with him?

I just thanked him for his time and felt like I wasted 3 hours of my life.

I left. And went to finish my homework.

Now I have no idea what to do. I guess just continue strengthening my quads? and legs and continue going to the gym hoping nothing will get more injured?

Who knows.


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