2020 Goals



So 2020 is fast approaching us; And I decided I want to explore my goals with you guys.

So first. There is the obvious;

I want to loose weight. My goal is 50 pounds. I started this goal months ago, it is more of to find motivation to keep the goal going. While I do feel better, and look better there are times when I look in the mirror and find I am absolutely disgusting.

I want to live a healthier life. While this is also a normal one. I have to figure out how to keep it going. I have been sleeping more, doing proper schedules and keeping proper schedules. I have been exercising and taking time at the gym. I have been skating. I have been doing things I love. I have taken a lot of toxic people out of my life. Now, while it is always a roller coaster to keep following through it is a goal to keep working through.

While, I have been writing more. I have been struggling a lot. I will continue to write little things and work my way to bigger things. I am exhausted still lately and with the headaches I have been getting. Part of me thinks this is Post Concussion Syndrome from the last concussion I had in 2018. Right now with school and everything that is happening, I think my brain is starting to hurt more then it should. Once school is done (which will be around the 17th) I will be able to heal.

On the ice. I just want to continue skating. I don’t have any goals. Maybe some dances. But other then that, I really don’t care. I just enjoy being on the ice and after the 2019-2020 season. I will really evaluate everything.

I want to get out of debt. I want money. I want to learn how to save. I will be doing more hours and trying to find a side job.  Also, I want to try and get out of my current job completely and go somewhere way better.

I want to finish school and prove I deserve to graduate and walk down the stage. I am determined to prove I can do it.

While these are just some pre-goals I have been thinking about. I will one day have a full list that I cannot wait to post.

If you have no goals. You won’t get anywhere in your life.


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