Hosting someone with Chronic Illness over the Family.


I recently did a Blog Post about; Holiday Advice not to Flare a Chronic Illness.

Well, now if you are hosting someone with Chronic Pain or Chronic Illness, I am going to give you some tips on how to handle those who are suffering.

  1. If the person cannot stay long, or have to cancel last minute. Do not hold it against them. They are trying their best and it hurts them as much as it hurts you.
  2. Know if there are any food restrictions or drink restrictions. This way there can be a variety and the person can enjoy some food that won’t make them feel sick, get stuck in a bathroom or have to go home early.
  3. Avoid high strong smelling scents and candles. A lot of people suffering have a high intolerant to scents and get easy headaches from it.
  4. Be supportive of those who are suffering.
  5. Offer the person a place they can take some quiet time and rest.
  6. Find some holiday traditions that are not too extensive to celebrate those who are suffering.
  7. Make some holiday themes like Ugly Christmas Sweater that someone does not have to be fully dressed up for. Even a pajama party.
  8. Have advil, tylonel, magic bags ready to go in case they are needed.
  9. Let them stay the night if they are too tired to go home. Some people cannot control the exhaustion they are living through.
  10. Just enjoy your time with them, whether it is 10 minutes of 1 hour. Any time is precious.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Remember have fun and stay safe xx

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