End of Figure Skating Season 2019-2020


0032875.JPGSo the last we have left off was in St Eustache. Competition number 6 of the season.

You can click here to read about it. But if you want a fast summary just continue reading. Basically it was the 4th competition stretch (we did 4 in a row) and there remains to be one more in December. As well, it was the competition I received my goal of 12 points.


I was supposed to do another competition in December. I believe it was the 13th? But the thing was, I had missed a bit of training time with my knee flaring and then getting a new knee brace to wear. It was one that follows your knee and basically stuck on you. The hard plastic type.

So I was not able to land jumps properly or spin. And instead I just decided to withdraw from the competition permanently.

Now I had well over a month to prepare myself for regionals and get back on the ice.

I had once coach go on vacation during the Holidays so I spent most of my ice time with my dance coach.

Starting back in January was a bit rough but I pushed through.

Regionals came pretty fast. It was in a brand new rink that I had never been too (and that says a lot). However, I had some support. From my friends (manager from work and her family) as well from my main coach.

I skated pretty well overall.  A bit of fatigue. There was more issues with my elements I lost an entire element because I fell out of it. And that took my score off by 1.5.

Overall my score remained in the 11’s… but with that I could have had my 12 points like I normally want to have and came in 1st place.

My next competition was supposed to be the weekend of the 7th. And I was fairly excited for this competition. But I ended up withdrawing the day off.

There was a massive snow storm. We ended up with like 70 cm of snow. And it was crazy. And the fact the competition was over an hour away and people were crashing everywhere. I decided that it was not a good idea to go out.

There was a competition the week after I was supposed to skate at but the entirety was cancelled. So instead I registered for another one…Nearly two hours away.

This one was a fun drive to go too. Beautiful scenery. The only problem was halfway there I was getting nervous and I really had to pee…and there was no bathrooms.

When I get nervous my bladder goes into over drive so I normally need to pee so often.

Anyways this weekend was pretty much a harder skate of my season. Fibro had flared my body. But I kept pushing on.

My elements were pretty good. The spin I missed finally counted again. But I got a Variation on the spin.

I was kind of disappointed with the overall mark. I got in the 10s. Yes second place is great but…I am hard on myself.

I also had to make my final decision about if I wanted to prepare myself for provincials that was in March.

  1. I was warn out completely
  2. Nagging injuries.
  3. Lost strength in my knee
  4. It was 2 hours away on a weekday when i normally worl
  5. I had no motivation
  6. No coach would go with me.

So in all i never decided to register.

Instead I picked another competition that was a bit closer and that I do every year.

For fun, I wanted to do two programs. But luck had it where most of the adult events got cancelled.

I was so discouraged. I was going to withdraw. But instead I gave it a go.

And I was extremely happy with my results. I got 4/7 and I hit my 12 mark goal for the final competition of the season, which to me was the best feeling to end the season.

I got all my elements. Minor deductions. My spin was variation so decreased in value. But I did get my first +3 that day. And in skating that is a hard thing to do.

That same day I went to a skating test. It was for my foxtrot. While I am extremely happy with my patterns and how I skated. I ended up failing.

I am okay with that and I am willing to work harder on it for the upcoming sessions.

So in reality I am just overall really happy and cannot wait for the next season of competitions.


Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 11.51.34 AM.png


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