Competition Number 6


November 30th, 2019 was the 6th competition of my season. And the fourth and final one in the 4 in a row series.

There remains one competition (the 13th-15th) before I have a month off.

And let me tell you I could not be happier to have nearly two weeks off to heal my mind and body.

I have pushed so hard. There is consistent mental exhaustion. There is consistent body pain.

I am having severe knee pain. My spine pain. The last two days, my spine has been freezing.

And the Saturday practice two hours before the competition, it froze so much I was almost in tears.

I got home from practice, took a nap and was getting everything ready for the competition.

I picked up a good friend who lives not too far from me.

We worked our way to St Eustache, Montreal. We hit a bit of traffic but I was not too worried because we were in advance.

We got to the rink exactly an hour before I was supposed to skate.

I got dressed. And I got ready and did a small warmup.

They did the ice and I stood beside the ice watching everything.

We were called on for the 5 minute warmup.

I got on the ice. I was skating around and did some edges. I then went to do some jumps and some spins.

The judges were watching me. I was trying not to make eye contact to notice.

I did some spins and some jumps. And then I continued to more edges. I was having a lot of spine pain and I did not want to over push.

The first skater competed. Then the second one. I was the third and final one to go.

I got on the ice. I placed myself. The music started. I did my first combo jump which was smooth.

Then I went into my spin. I was slightly early. So I had to hold on a long longer then I should have making my spin slow down.

I was dizzy, so I got delayed on my second jump.

I went on to my choreographic sequence. It was a bit scratchy but nothing brutal. I ended it, and did my combo spin. I was questionable with it.

I went and did my final two jumps and I ended the program.

I was standing in the middle and skated off the ice. I waited around since the scores were live.

It was announced that I got 12.08.


I was so happy.

I finished the program 2nd place overall.

My sheet was pretty clean and I had a lot of 0.01 deductions which is nothing compared to the last few competitions.

But I was overall happy.

Now, I have to make some new goals.

I have one competition left of 2019. And then I have a month off before regionals.




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