Aquagenic Urticaria


So this post, will go under the unknown conditions. Which is something, I am using to inform my readers about on unknown medical conditions.

Aquagenic Urticaria.

What is it? Well, it is a rare disease. It is an allergic reaction when someone comes into contact with water. It does not matter if the water is hot or cold.

It mostly affects females at the beginning of puberty but there are some other cases of males getting this.

This condition is so rare, that it is not much medical information or studies to go on.

Known Symptoms? 

  • Hives (directly after contact with water).
  • Red or skin-colored welts
  • A rash (usually neck, upper trunk, arms). Rash usually fades 30-60 minutes after.


It goes based on the signs and symptoms when near water. They also have the “Water Challenge Test.”

Water Challenge Test?

35 Degree Celsius water is applied to the upper body for 30 minutes.  The upper-body is more common to the allergic reaction vs the lower body.

Also it is key for the patient getting the test not to have any  antihistamines before the test.


There are some treatments for this disease. However, they are very limited and not overly tested as this is not very common.

 Antihistamines is one treatment. “These typically are used as the first-line medical therapy for all forms of urticaria. Those that block H1 receptors (H1 antihistamines) and are non-sedating, such as cetirizine, are preferred. Other H1 antihistamines (such as hydroxyzine) or H2 antihistamines (such as cimetidine) may be tried if H1 antihistamines are not effective.”

There are creams or topical agents that can serve as a barrier between water and the skin.

Ultraviolet light therapy, were reported to resolve symptoms.

Omalizumab- injectable medication, usually for severe asthma.

Credit to Wikipedia

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