Painsomnia VS Insomnia

image.jpegMidnight. Yet, I’m still up. And I’ve been traveling around like a nutbar.

I am beyond exhausted. Not just sleepy tired, but physically and mentally tired. I feel like a walking zombie and the only way I will heal is through taking a vacation…. AWAY from everyone and everything.

Again, why am I still up at midnight when I have a 7am wakeup call?

Painsomnia VS Insomnia. Suffering from a mixture of both….As if one wasn’t good enough.

Pain 1: Fibro is acting up. My legs hurt like a bitch and are shaky from the pain.

Pain 2: Severe shoulder injury–currently awaiting results. However it moved slightly that now the pain is because it won’t go back in its place.

Pain 3:  Headacheeeeeeee!!!! No need to say more…Obvuously from the exhaustion.

Insomnia 1: Major Fibro symptom and I get it at least 1x per month. Usually right around the beginning of PMS too… Oopss sorry people 😉

Insomnia 2: I’m overtired and usually when I hit this stage mentally and physically the only way out will be crashing hard for several days…no in between left.

Insomnia 3: Was stupid enough to think drinking 2xl coffees was a bright idea (both after 5pm)

10:45 pm I tried to sleep

10:50 pm managed to move injured shoulder out of place

10:55 pm panicking/Pain killers


11:00 pm I tossed and turned

11:05 pm answered emails

11:09 pm I need to pee

11:15 pm more messages and emails

11:23 pm cut everyone off

11:30 pm still answer emails

11:35 pm oh I need to pee again

11:38 pm Now is a bright time to post a blog.

11:40 pm Looking up random ass phobias

11:43 pm OH I just remembered how much coffee I drank at the rink.

11:55 pm Cat scares the hell out of me jumping in my bed

12:00 AM BATHROOOMMMMMMMMM!! Goddamn bladder

NOW: 12:15…. Give up. Just gonna count sheep and wait til alarm goes off at 7am… FML

Just wait for the update, by Sunday I’ll be dead tired and have crashed.



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