Biggest Mistake: Ignoring results of a high AM Cortisol test


Lately, everything had been going well. I have been managing a full schedule and being as healthy as I could-despite the fibro, endo and all the other side issues I am dealing with.

In May I was sent to a specialist for endometriosis who decided to send me for blood tests to check hormone levels.

I got the blood test done. There were ten tubes taken from my body. And over the following three weeks the results were being sent to my email address.

Most of the blood tests were normal, minus my iron level and Red Blood Cells. However, scrolling through the pages I hit my Am Cortisol. It was over the limit (with a 9am blood test).

Reading through results, the highest would be around 7am and then it should decrease by the pm with the lowest hitting before bedtime.

(However, depending on workshifts etc it could be altered pretty easy).

This blood test was the second one in a row where my AM cortisol was over the limit… And between the two tests there was over 150 nmol increase.

High cortisol levels could mean many things including; Adrenal Fatigue, burnout, Cushings disease etc

I have not had a follow up yet with the doctor who sent me for the blood test. But I know from the past that if the AM cortisol is high I should cut my schedule and take an easy before it burns out.

But, at the time of this blood test I was feeling decent. Not tired. My body was fine. And basically “stupidness” into keep pushing it.

The past month I went from 4-5 days a week into 7 days a week of over pushing myself.

My days would start early, sometimes as early as 4:30, 5 am… And end as late as 11pm.

But, I was mastering having a work, school, social life but then I abandoned my health.

I usually skate 6-7 days a week… Sometimes 30 mins to 3 hours depending on the day. I go to school several days a week (3-4 depending on the days)… And then the doctors appointments where half my appointments were in Montreal over 30 mins away not including traffic and others all around the south shore region.

Because of the schedules I was barely eating, to a point where I was losing weight rapidly. I would be okay with that, but:

A) I knew it was unhealthy.

B) It was starting to go after my muscles and the rest of my body.

I was getting weaker.

Mid-end July was the absolute worse. My body was nearing hospitalization point. I was overtired and crabby.

This past weekend (July 29-31st)  I had to work. But besides working I was sleeping.

Friday night I was done by 8:30pm and slept all the way until 5am when my last alarm went off before I had to go to work.

Saturday I finished work at 11am and then spent the rest of day in bed half working on my computer and half sleeping/watching movies.

Sunday, I worked an 8 hour shift. When I got home I slept on and off from about 4pm to 8pm before I had to go to the rink… When at the rink I literally skated 20 mins before my coach sent me home to bed.

There I decided that I had to make changes to my schedule for the following day. I cancelled on one coach, put my phone away and I allowed myself to sleep as much as it needed. So from there I was gone from 9:30pm-10am.

I cancelled the rest of my day today, only going to school at night. I’m feeling better but know any little push I will fall over the cliff.

I have 3 weeks to survive then I’m leaving MTL for a much needed vacation ✌️

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