Travelling with a Chronic Illness


As I am heading out in several hours for a much needed vacation. I wanted to write a quick blog about Travelling (yes I’m Canadian this is how we spell it) and the necessities that go with it especially with a chronic illness.

I am heading to Las Vegas for a week.

Destination Choice: Check climates. Is it hot? Is it cold? Rooms AC? Etc…

Vegas in August. It’s extremely hot. Like you’ll melt. However staying on the strip… You literally walk through all Air Conditioned casinos. To me I’ve been several times even after my diagnoses and this has not changed my body whatsoever.

Packing: Clothes… Do for all climates… No matter what. Your body plays games. Also make sure you’re comfortable!!!

Pain Killers and all medication is your second necessity. I have so many types for different types of flares that I end up having to put some in the suit case.

Pillow: I always bring one I normally sleep with. This is to ensure my body won’t flare too much by the hotels’ pillows (softness or hardness-depending).

Planning days: normally I look at my week and every second day I try to have a ‘rest/recovery’ day….also VERY IMPORTANT throughout the day stay well hydrated, eat and take rest intervals. Usually during the trip for about 2 hours I’ll go sleep and then continue on with my night.

Eating isn’t always the easiest. Try to find things your body agrees with and stick with that. Usually if you eat 4-5 snacky meals a body should respond well…

Hydration. Drink, drink and drink. Yes you’ll need to pee, but there are gazillions of bathrooms around. Don’t be shy to tell someone or ask for a bathroom.

Main part is have lots of fun and relaxing time!!

I will do my best to keep you all updated on travel and other health related stories.



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