Depression, Suicidal thoughts without wanting to Harm

Bell Let’s Talk is back. It is a day, as you can remember from last year, that is really important to me.

Now…I am about to go on a touchy subject. But, it has been one that has been bothering me for a long time.

Last year I talked about my struggles with anxiety and binge eating disorder. But one of the things I did not discuss was depression and suicide.

Now…I don’t know what causes the depression or if it just because I go through a lot. But, I do know at some point I will need to see a psychologist. However, there is something that has been going on.

Suicidal thoughts. Of what it would be like to not be here. Not be in pain. Not have to go through anything. However, I know that I would never physically harm myself. And I would never be able to leave my friends and family hanging.

It is just the thoughts that go through my mind especially when I am in the highest pain and usually after a long mental breakdown I will be completely fine.

I was reading an article, about others who have been in the same boat. Suicidal without the tendencies of wanting to commit suicide and there was one quote that stuck out to me.

“Depression and suicidal thoughts allow for a cycle of isolation, but for someone in your life, you might be the one who can break that.”

Everyone is living through technology and needing those comments, likes, followers are some of the key reasons why I believe depression is becoming more active especially in those of younger ages.  Not meeting societies norms. But again, what are the norms of society?

I wonder how life can change for the better. Is it per person, per society, per world or does it depend? Questions come to my head and sometimes I really wonder….


If you have suicidal intentions wanting to harm or not… please REACH OUT. Someone can help you. BFlSTxRCYAENKQG.jpg

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