Mental Illness and Complete relapse of Eating Disorder


Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. A way to end stigma about Mental Health. And how it is taboo to talk about Mental Health.

If you’ve been following this website you know the struggles I’ve been going through.

I suffer from high anxiety which has been getting better. But sometimes I hit the point where I am spending days in and out of bed.

But most of it is all linked to the eating disorder that I have been suffering from.

I have suffered from a binge eating disorder and I am currently in full relapse mode.

While I will not write what I am eating, I will note that per day I have been reaching about 40000 calories per day. And spending a good chunk of change on the food.

I will be undergoing treatment in the near future.

I have been accepted into an out-patient program at a clinic.  I just haven’t brought it up with my family as I… don’t know how to bring it up.

One of the hardest binges was the day before the competition that led to the day after the competition. However, I came second place. But even during it I was eating a lot of sugar and not caring what other competitors thought.

The stress of the relapse, school, work, coaching, skating, competitions etc have been having a negative impact on me. And I know by adding so much to my schedules that this is burning me out.

Which the burnout causes another problem. And eventually it goes into a vivacious loop.

Now, the next few months will be the hardest but I’m ready to beat this challenge with the help of those who support me.

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