Weird ass Symptoms? TMI Alert **


Has anyone ever gone through one of those days, weeks, months…where you are undergoing some weird ass symptoms that you have no idea where they have come from…Like you have got them maybe once in the past year and even at that point you were like what the f-…fluff…

This has completely been me lately.

Weird Ass Symptom 1) MOOD swings so severe…I can’t even describe it. It got to a point where I did not sleep for 3 days. I was shaking during the day and I had to completely shut off my brain. It was a mixture of a pissed off mood. To severe depression where I cried several times a day, could not really move from bed and was wanting to kill myself. But the worst part of it, was a lot of it was unrealistic overthinking anxiety. It got to the point that in four days I finished one and a half bottles of mood reliever pills…Which threw out my stomach.

Weird Ass Symptom 2) Throwing up NON stop. Okay…so if you have read my other posts…you know this is not a weird ass symptom. But what is weird and worrisome about this symptom is that I throw up so much that now it comes up as undigested food. And in the past we know I suffered from a paralyzed stomach in September where nothing was digesting. As well as the constant nausea I have had for the past five days where I ate maybe 4 meals since Sunday…one of which was breakfast this morning that I ended up throwing up…and it was in a public arena which you know was not forced like some may think.

Weird Ass Symptom 3) BLADDER PAIN … When it is getting full/full it hurts so bad I start getting dizzy. But…also when I try going it feels blocked like I cannot pee for the life of me. Also the urgency goes from nothing to nearly peeing myself within seconds.

Weird Ass Symptom 4) Related to end…For some reason I am spotting right now. Several days before my period is due. I have never spotted before my period. But this one I can tell is not fully normal. It is basically a shit load of mucus/discharge with blood specks and tissue. Like my uterus is shredding. But this is not enough to need to wear a pad…it is just when I pee that it comes out…?

So just a little thought on medical symptoms I have been getting…And some to go back too when I go to the doctors the next time.






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