Life saving Open-Heart Surgery could be the cause to my medical hell?


The past 24 hours had me thinking.

It started when I was in the North and my ribs were killing me. It was hurting so much, breathing was just brutal.

Then I thought back to a conversation I had not too long ago with my mom.

When I was 4 years old I underwent a MAJOR surgery. It was an open-heart surgery to fix 2 holes in my heart. Where I have a scar that goes all the way down my chest. But with undergoing this surgery, the surgeon had to cut my (left) breast bone and open my rib cage.

Now years later, I have been getting severe pain under my left breast. Sometimes in my left breast. My ribs have a tendency to hurt so bad at times the pain knocks me out cold, while other times it zones me out or puts me in a bad mood.

Thinking on my current health issues a lot of them could be related to the life saving surgery I needed. A surgery, if I wouldn’t have got, doctors said I could have been dead by 15 years old.

I have arthritis and normally arthritis comes after an injury or trauma to said joint. While I have arthritis in several locations one main location is my rib cage and is especially there when it is really cold or humid.

I have Fibromyalgia, and normally this disease is an onset after something traumatic/major injury (theory doctors have). I’ve had a lot of things happen in my past so it is hard to pinpoint a situation but this was the earliest one I remember and it could have been an onset for fibromyalgia.

Endometriosis (according to theories) can build up following surgeries. And while the stomach was on my chest leading down to my stomach the excess scar tissue could have been a build-up for the Endo.

Now with everything I have, this surgery does not link to all the conditions. But it links to some main ones and the other ones could be a secondary condition to the others.


Happy Holidays xox


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