Mental Health Writing Exercises

A few weeks ago I went through a really dark phase. One that I needed to open up to a few close friends in order to find myself help.

In that time I was also given exercises in order to work my brain and try to clear out some thoughts.

So I want to post some of the exercises here for anyone who is struggling.

First step: Go buy yourself a notebook. Does not have to be big…or expensive. Just something you are comfortable spilling all your notes and memories in.

Writing Step 1: 

  • 50 Things YOU are THANKFUL for.

Example: (This could be as easy as… having a roof over your head, breakfast this morning, a special friend/family).

This one is hard it took me about a week to complete it.

Writing Step 2:

  • Name 5 of your weaknesses. Why you have these weaknesses and how you can make them become your strengths.

Example: (I procrastinate. I don’t know why I do it, maybe I am overwhelmed by my schedule. I can schedule better in order to get better time management. Schedule breaks so I don’t procrastinate).

Writing Step 3: 

  • The two moments you will never forget in your life. Have one bad moment/one good moment. And explain in great detail.

(If you read some of my other posts I have already put examples there. I don’t want to give too much on this one, as everyone is different)..

Writing Step 4: 

  • Make a list of people who support you. Why they support you. And give 5 qualities about how these people make you better. If you haven’t spent time with them in the past 3 months, then schedule a coffee date, or walk in the part with them.

(I started doing this and I never realized how much I just needed some friend time. It is especially important not to see the same people day in and day. out).

Writing Step 5: 

  • Make a list of 10 goals you want to achieve before the end of each months. Work details out on how you will achieve them.

(Example: I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of the month. In order to do so, I will skate more, eat bread once a week and sleep better).

Remember even achieving 1/10 is an accomplishment. If that happens on month 1, aim for 2/10 the following month.

Writing Step 6: 

  • List 20 things/people you would have loved(Or have) said YES too. Explain why and how it impacted your life.
  • List 20 things/people you would have loved (or have) said NO too. Explain why and how it impacted your life.

Writing Step 7:

  • Write what you love about yourself and your life. Also write what you wish people would have said to you.

There are so many other exercises you can go through. These are the ones I have started with. And just these ones my mind is more at peace then before I started writing them.

Have you ever had a journal to help with your mental health? If so, were there any exercises you did that were equally as helpful to have a clear state of mind?






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