Chronic Pain and Mental Health



Chronic Pain takes a toll on the body. However it takes a toll on the mental aspect as well.

So not only are you in pain, and suffering other related symptoms to your illness. You start to suffer mental symptoms as well.

Now, to be clear, it won’t be everyday that the symptoms appear. Sometimes it is when the pain is heavy while other times it could be daily.

And not everyone has the same symptoms.

For example: When I am in too much pain I get depressive symptoms wondering if I will ever have a few days in a row that are pain free.

While usually I am blessed that it is not always something completely wrong, it does take a toll on the body.

Another thing, I get anxiety having to do things that are not based on my normal weekly schedule.

For example in two weeks time, I have a family party that I am attending. And it is not something I am used too. I am getting anxiety knowing I have to go and I don’t know how my body will react before, during or even after the party.

Fatigue/Mental Fatigue is also one that takes a toll on my body. Sometimes you are just too tired mentally to want to deal with anyone or anything.

I also get severe mood swings and the littlest things can trigger them. Sometimes they can be just someone texting me too many times first thing in the morning. Other times it could just be the way someone says something. Somedays I am fine. But this also goes by the mood I am in. Everyday is different.

In order to avoid all these symptoms and try to be healthy, I try to stay on schedule as much as possible.

If I have to change a schedule (for example the party) I will take a day or two to breathe and relax before and then several breaks during the day of the event. Usually that helps as well.

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