Learning About Myself


So, to conclude Mental Health Awareness Week (Even though we should be following through on this daily). I wanted to give you guys a follow-up on some things I have went through, how they are impacting my mental health and what I am doing to fix them. 

First thing, I realized about a year ago when my mental health was declining there was one top factor. I am not saying it was the main one, but it was pretty close.

The people I was choosing to hang around were always so down and never happy. They always complained, fought and were miserable. I knew there was some things (and ways to do it) where I had to cut people out of my life. By doing that, my mental health started coming back up. However it was not easy nor was it an easy decision. It was just something after years of patience that had to be done.

REMEMBER: Some people DON’T change. No matter how much you wish they would.

Second thing, my job. I need a change. I am still doing a job I have had for 5 years and just wish I could go somewhere with benefits. Where I get a certain type of healthcare where I can go to physiotherapy etc.

However, remember a few articles ago? Where I told you I WANTED a job and I was going to make sure I got it. Well…I GOT IT!!! I am so happy. Training is starting soon. It is not enough hours yet to leave my current job. BUT it is a start in the right direction.

Third thing, was I took more time for myself and to be around people I trusted. When I was in toxic friendships I could not even have an hour to myself no mind see anyone else but them. Without them I have made time for everyone including myself and I have been enjoying it immensely.

When you are always stuck with the same people, especially those who have a negative attitude you become to get trapped under their spell. If this is you. Get out. I know it is not easy but it get’s better.

Fourth thing, I have no idea where I am in life or what I want. I kinda feel like I was just placed in the middle of the road with no guidelines. So now, I am working on a way to set myself goals and figure out what it is I need and what I don’t need.

Writing my goals and writing everything has been a huge help.

If you need Ideas, please visit my previous post.

Fifth thing, Being able to trust and open up to people. I have been through A LOT in life. I mean everyone has. But, you need to be able to trust and open up to those you trust the most in order to get healthy. One other thing I learned (the hard way) was that it is impossible to remain closed off forever. It drowns you completely.

Sixth thing, speak your mind. Don’t limit too much. Obviously don’t go telling every single person they are stupid. This is not what I am saying. What I mean is, if someone pisses you off…TELL THEM.

Seventh thing, I learned that if you have a burden (financial etc,) you will never get far. Make a plan. Work the plan. It does not have to be overnight but continue progressing.

Eighth thing, I found myself a hobby. Well, I always had this one (figure skating) BUT I fell in love with the sport all over again when I did a coaching change earlier this year.

If you don’t have a hobby. Pick one up, let it distract you. Meet new people doing it. Does not have to be an expensive hobby…any price range works.

Finally, if you need to see a doctor, psychologist, medical professional of any sort. DO IT. If money is a factor, worry later. If time is a factor, make time. If someone is looking down on you because you want to do it, SCREW them. You have one life. Do what it is you need to do.

Out of the 9 examples I have given you today on how I started changing my life for the better, which one is one that YOU need to work on!

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