Future Planning


I have decided instead of moping around and being sad on what is going on in life, it is time that I need to plan my future.

I still don’t know what it is that I want.

I really, truly do not. But I know one thing is for sure. Sitting on my ass and just watching Netflix and following the same schedule is not going to be a determination of my future.

I found a new light. And I am not sure where the light came from but I think part of the reason is from my Chiropractor.

He is starting to be tough on me. And honestly the only person who cares and I need someone to be tough on me.

I need to be tough on myself.

Just in May 2019- I was being tough on myself and getting things done in life. I was following all my hours and getting schedules done on time. I was not worried and was able to get out of bed early.

Now it is a dread to get out of bed before 8am.

Part of this might be linked to a form of depression – but really I just think I am overworked and overstressed and becoming lazy.

So right now, I just drove an hour out of my way to write and figure out parts of my schedule while sitting on a beach.

All 3 of my schedules have been completed… Basically all of July

I already feel a relief. But the one thing I was aiming for (a day off a week) is not happening. Instead I am getting mornings off on most days and doing intense afternoons and evenings.

When I decide more on my future I will keep you updated. But still there is a lot of processing and programing to do.


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