*NOTE* Before we go any further, I must warn you CTE is not very widely understood. There is still research going on in order to study CTE.

While tomorrow 06/29/2019 – is Brain Injury Awareness Day (yes there is a post coming then too). I decided to do a bit of an advance post because when it comes to brain injuries, there is just so much to talk about.

So, with this post I want to talk about CTE.

What is CTE? CTE is Chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Basically it is a condition that is associated with repetitive blows to the head. (Also linked to the development of dementia).
Signs of CTE are;
– Thinking problems
– Memory problems
– Personality changes
– Behavioral changes (including aggression and depression).
The only way that CTE can be studied is when someone who has had multiple concussions dies and their brain is studied.
CTE is often confused with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.
– Memory Loss
– Confusion
– Personality Changes (depression and suicidal thoughts).
– Erratic Behavior (aggression)
– Problems paying attention/Organizing thoughts
– Difficulty with balance and motor skills
CTE has been found in… Source of head impacts
Boxers Punches to the head
Tackle football players Hits to the helmet
Soccer players Headers and collisions
Ice hockey players Fighting, checking
Military veterans Blast injuries, combat
Victims of domestic abuse Repeated violence
There is a movie out called Concussion. It goes into full detail on CTE and what it does to someone. If you are interested in subjects and learning, it is definitely something to watch.

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