Holiday Advice not to Flare a Chronic Illness



So, I am detouring away a little from my regular advice and stories.

I am going to give advice on how NOT to flare your Chronic Illness during the Holidays.

So here we go;

  1. Use a checklist.  Make everything you need to do a priority. And find out what the max time you can do it, From there… you can (proceed to number 2).
  2. From there make your schedule. Scheduling everything in that you need a priority an when it needs to be done. For example; Last minute XMAS shopping… December 23rd. Then schedule from 8am-1pm off. Nothing has to be done in one night. If you use this, it will be less hard on your body.
  3. Before Christmas Eve, try and have one or two days off where you have to do absolutely nothing. Either the 22nd or the 23rd. This will give a good few hours of sleep and rest before you have to start the Holiday Adventures.
  4. Take separate vehicles. I always take my own car. If I do not feel like staying longer, I can leave and those who I usually go with can stay later
  5. Power naps will be key. I usually take them before I have to leave to get through the rest of the day/night.
  6. Not drinking caffeine or alcohol. It makes me feel worse. It does suck missing out on traditional champagne and drinks but I rather be able to continue going for a few days then it knocking me out.
  7. Bring more then one set of clothes that you can leave in the car. Usually I have my holiday outfit. But I always keep comfortable clothes in the car to change into if needed.
  8. Take breaks from families. If it gets to loud or wild. Go distant yourself from them. Pretend to take an important phone call or go for a walk to look at Christmas Lights.
  9. Be careful what you eat. If certain things make you flare, then do not eat those things or things linked to them. Like I avoid chocolate and caffeine as I know it will give me a reaction.
  10. Try and stick to your sleep pattern. Wake up at 7-8 and sleep by 10-11.

**Never feel guilty for saying no or doing things you are unable to do.

Enjoy your holiday time with those you love.

Try and keep toxic people out of your life.

Happy Holiday’s XX


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