Headaches/Migraines- Normal or Not?


Lately. I have been getting these massive headaches. Ones that I can’t even describe to someone.

It is sharp stabbing, throbbing pain that is over my right eye and that side of my head. The narrow visions I have before it happens. The nausea, throwing up, body sweats…it’s all getting more progressive.

If anyone knows me, it is not due to dehydration as I drink litres a day. It could be concussions, or my vision (focus issues) etc., but I never had these issues before. It just started happening a few months ago.

These migraines started off as 1-2 days at a time. And I would always feel better after sleeping.

Sometimes I’d take tylonel/advil/pain medication to be able to sleep easier and usually the next day even if I was groggy I would be okay.

But they kept on coming. They came more often and lasted longer.

And the one I went to bed with last night made me ask my doctor.

She prescribed me a medication to try- like a pain killer and it should take it away.

But as well, because they came out of nowhere and are happening more often, I will be seeing a neurologist to discuss about them.

At the same time I will bring up the AS and the Osteoarthritis. Who knows maybe everything is related.

Will let you all know as soon as I know.

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