Driving with a Concussion-Driving under the Influence


IMG_2494.jpgI read a new study. Basically it is based on Concussions. Yes, I know. A topic I over empathize. But it is a topic I am close too.

So the topic discussed, “Driving with a Concussion is being compared to Driving under the Influence.”

Now, I remember suffering from several concussions. Two of which were from a car accident. But there was one, that was on the ice. And I still needed to get home that night.

I stayed at the rink an hour longer then I should have. And my headaches were getting worse. I was too scared to call my parents for help. I did not want to get in trouble with them. I also did not want to get the lecture, knowing they were always on my case when it came to my health.

I also did not want to take an Uber or a taxi. Because then they would question and get mad that my car was not at home.

So I drove home.

It was around 10pm.

I couldn’t see. It was pitch black. All the lights on the street were a blur. And I remember blacking out. To this day, I still don’t remember driving home. And I still do not remember or how I was home safely.

Driving home with a concussion is bad and dangerous. There is a study that relates driving with a concussion the same as driving under the influence.

When you drive with a concussion, the brain functions are altered. And it makes some reflexes change.

The altercations can remain even after the concussion symptoms have been cleared.

The only issue with the study, is concussions affect everyone differently. So this leads to inconclusive results.

Factors that were also taken during the study and those who should remember before taking the road following a concussion;

  • Cognitive Functions affected by the concussion.
  • Reported Symptoms (Headaches, tiredness, dizzy etc).
  • Time since the injury
  • The progress in returning to daily activities (in sports it is kind of like return to play).

For anyone who has suffered or thinks they suffered from a concussion. Please go see a medical care professional. Get the help you need.

And be careful when you are coming back from symptoms. Take your time.

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