Training for a 2 program competition 5 days after the last one.


As I wrote a few days ago, I performed 2 routines in a weekend competition. This was along with 2 hospitalizations.

Now with 6 days to prepare for the next one there are many things I have to factor.

A) My health. It’s not strong lately and pretty much since September it’s been a downward spiral where I could easily end up back at the hospital.

B) Flareup (pain and exhaustion). I still work alongside people (my coaches have been great and understanding) who don’t fully understand the flares and needing time off. So with that in mind I have to be in control. Worst case too, I have had Fibroflares that last 1 day and others that last 6 weeks so it becomes hard to judge the severity.

C) Adrenaline Crashes. As seen in an earlier post adrenaline crashes for me are dangerous. They cause my mood to be all over the place, sometimes to a point I rather ignore people and usually my mood becomes a depressive angry munchkin of some sort.

D) Mental is always a problematic factor before competitions. At times I can stress myself out to the point I’m not eating anything that day and others I’m fine. For some reason I’ve noticed the further I travel for comps the least nervous I become.

E) Sleep and rest especially when suffering from insomnia.

F) Nutrition and avoiding binges.

Now this week has been more of a challenge resulting me to need to overtrain. One of my programs has been completely changed in a 2 day span for this weekends competition.

So now that will require memory.

My body is already semi-shot so I’ve been taking precaution.

However it is a similar one to last season so I don’t think it’ll be overall as bad as the result from the past competition.

There will always be anxiety but this will be the third of the season so I’m not that uncomfortable going into it.

But one thing that worries me is the last competition it took me 2 hours to breathe after a program and a hospitalization the following day. Now this weekend I will be performing two routines within an hour of each other. This will not only test strength but it will be an overall body test.




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