Job Worries with Chronic Pain


So, this week I have a job interview with a company I REALLY want to work for. And by far, I think I have a chance.

It is a seasonal job. However, there are some negative aspects that come out of it.

They give you a list of dates you are needed to be at this job and there are no ifs/ands/butts.

Anybody who suffers from Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness knows the intense stress this puts onto the body. As well, knows how much the body can fluctuate. But no matter what, I am determined that if I get this job I will prove myself and everyone wrong.

The interview is coming up. I am stressed for that as well. The two interviews I have done in my life I pretty much got hired on the spot but I had connections with both jobs.

This one, I don’t know what to expect. So stress is flaring some symptoms. Tuesday was worse then Wednesday. Tuesday the stress caused so much pain standing up on my own was barely an option. Wednesday standing up was okay but the walking was a different challenge.

Already from the stress my immune system is down. With it being down I managed to get some sort of illness. I wouldn’t say I am sick but I have raspy breathing and can’t stop coughing.

Living with Chronic Pain and a Chronic Illness, everyday changes. Some days are amazing. Some days are painful. You gotta keep pushing through.

Fingers Crossed and Wish me Luck.

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