Sunday Fun Day: MRI


Sunday April 28th, I had a doctor’s appointment to go to the hospital for another MRI on my back. 

The only difference with this MRI VS my other MRI’s is that this one was the first one post-car accident. 

My other MRI’s were done before the car accident. But knowing by the Xray images have been changed drastically that I am not expecting good news from the MRI. 

My appointment was at 4pm. I decided to leave at my house around 1:45pm to endure the half an hour drive. The thing with Montreal, is you never know what kind of traffic and detours you are going to get. 

On a good day you only have 5 minutes of traffic and about three detours. On a bad day…well you can sit in traffic for several hours. 

This time, it went smooth sailing. I was able to get to the hospital in about 30 minutes. The only issue I had was around the hospital there was construction so while I was at one parking I had to go around to enter from the other side. 

I sat in the parking lot for about 20 minutes before realizing I really needed to pee. So I did not want to wait any longer and I went into the building. 

The building was empty. I was on the 5th floor and it was like a ghost-town. I found a bathroom and then walked aimlessly to find the MRI room. 

Once there the receptionist came and saw me and right away gave me a gown. I got dressed and went back to see him. 

I for sure thought he was going to make me wait longer but right away he stuck me on to the MRI table. 

I went into the machine at around 3:15 and it took about an hour before I was able to come out. The entire hour I took a well-needed nap. it was just odd to be out at the same time I was supposed to have gone in. 

Now, I have a few weeks but I will only find out my results on July 15th (probably sooner depending on the severity/and if my rhuematologist decides to check them at my appointment in the end of May. 

**Also a side-note** I will be out of work and off the ice for a bit after suffering an injury to my neck/collarbone. I don’t know the extent of it but I have been prescribed muscle relaxants. 

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