Struggle of explaining Health



So the word has been out for a while, where I finally decided to switch Dance Coaches and to get someone better for the needs I needed on the ice.

While the switch was pending for months prior, the actual switch came in (end) of January 2019.

My biggest fear was having to explain my health to the new coach. And not only explaining the health, but having to hope nothing medical would come of it.

The coach I have went with, I have known pretty much since we started skating. So the transition was a bit easier vs someone I absolutely didn’t know.

In the first lesson I basically explained the basics. I have no feeling most of the time in my lower body and that my body reacts sometimes to nothing where I can have many types of flares.

Over the time my body was behaving. I think it was only Friday April 19th where the flare was a bit more. But that was leading all week where I was struggling.

I calmly brought it up with my coach and he was able to make a new lesson plan on the spot in order to work around it and still made the lesson plan really productive.

As much as I appreciate what he did. I am in more awe of the amount of awareness some people have had when it comes to working with someones body vs not working with someones body.

Like trying to explain my health at work is like talking to a living wall. So sometimes there is almost no point. But I am taking some stuff away, those who don’t really want to try are not worth your time. Those who put you down are not worth your time. Those who don’t treat you as equal are not worth your time.


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