Surgery #2


Surgery number 2 has been completed about two weeks ago.

I had a laparoscopy for Endometriosis and had the best care one could ask for especially in the dysfunctional Quebec medical system.

While the day was set in stone for a month before the surgery. I only found out the time I needed to be at the hospital the day of the surgery.

So several hours of fasting. A 4:30 am wakeup time. I was at the hospital for my scheduled appointment by 6am.

They took me in and sent me to relax in a bed. I got dressed into the hospital gowns. Then I was asked to pee in a cup so I could do a pregnancy test. (Negative) .

My surgery was scheduled for 7:45am. And at 7:30am I was being wheeled downstairs to the operating room.

Before the surgery I spoke to my doctor and was introduced to the nurses etc. It was even a anesthesiologist student and her teacher who were putting me to sleep. And the student did a wonderful job especially with my veins being so small and them having to put it into my hand.

They put oxygen over my mouth and the nurse showed how to properly do it. I was asleep and woke up in recovery and they made me take a bunch of pills. And monitored my pulse and blood pressure.

I was out of the recovery and sitting upstairs for my final hour. My doctor came to see me and spoke to me and said the surgery went really well. And to schedule an appointment so I could go back and see her in a few weeks to fully discuss what happened and where we will go.

That day I got home at noon and went to sleep and then my best friend came and helped take care of me.

But I was not needing pain medication…and I came home with a lot. Including morphine and naproxene.  I took extra strength tylonel to sleep and slept the entire day.

And I was up and moving the next day exploring. Honestly I am so glad it went amazingly well.

Right now though I still haven’t started working out yet due to the fact of infection that keeps starting up.

There will be another update later on when I have more information on what happened during and where we are going.


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