So, I have been drained lately. If you read my previous post (Bursting Sponge) you would know.

I don’t know why that is.

It could easily be the pain taking a toll of my body.

Or finals approaching.

Schedule changes.

Even a mixture of all the above.

There is one thing that has caught my attention.

I was sitting with my chiropractor yesterday, and he asked me a question.

“Why do you love figure skating?”

I thought endlessly. I couldn’t think of an answer. I just go there everyday. Do what I have to do and then go on with my day.

I have not been taking the time to appreciate my life on the ice lately.

I went from summer season, to abusive season training, to post-competition training to spring training.

I am not saying that I HATE the sport. But I am not giving my body time to heal physically and mentally.

The adrenaline from all the comps are wearing off.

The pain is also affecting me more. With everything else I am tired.

I need a good few days off from everything to reset my mind focus and my goals and to figure out where it is I want to go. I am so overwhelmed with emotions and exhaustion.


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