Stress Triggering Fibromyalgia Symptoms


So basically this past few weeks with my mental health and my physical health I have been undergoing loads of stress. Add us getting a new (lovely) manager at work, plus finals and new classes starting at school…well I have had a hard time trying to keep everything together. 

Because of everything else, the stress is triggering some unusual Fibro Symptoms.

  1. Fibro Fog… Basically a a memory problem. While I always have had it, the past few days have been different. Two days ago (after years of driving), for the life of me I could not figure out how to use the blinkers. Like I sat waiting to turn and played will all the buttons. I am also having trouble remembering schedules, dates, appointments (Even when I make my weekly schedule and send it to everyone).
  2. Breaking out. My face and body break out way more when I am under stress. But it’s not like massive breakouts. It is more like a part of my face that eventually begins to look like it peeled off.
  3. More stressed I am the more awkwardly I sit/stand/do things. The more my back ends up hurting like a MOFO.
  4. Insomnia. Just this week I had 3 days in a row of insomnia. I couldn’t sleep. Even taking sleeping pills. Eventually on night four I completely drugged myself and got a solid 12 hours.
  5. Bladder issues. Needed to pee everywhere I go like dozens of times. I don’t think I’ve gone more then one hour in the past few days without needing a bathroom.
  6. Severe muscle cramps between my thumb and index fingers that usually need to be cracked several times before feeling ‘Normal.’
  7. My hair randomly knots and it becomes like elastic trying to get out.
  8. My vision becomes tunnel vision. Maybe related again to NES.
  9. Period is LATE!!
  10. Glucose Levels Fluctuating.


These are all the new symptoms of the past 10 days.

I have been monitoring the glucose and hormone levels.

Some things I have been doing to reduce the symptoms;

  • Pain and resting have been relieved by CBD. I wish I would have tried it way earlier then now. Feels so natural and relaxing.
  • Long baths and heating/ice packs.
  • Resting in between everything.
  • Taking time for myself. Even if its an hour alone drinking a tea.

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