Calming Down Under Stress


So lately, I have been under a shit load of stress. It’s gotten to a point I have no idea how to handle all the stress. And now, while I am still learning about it myself I will try and use what I am finding that works and doesn’t work with all of you guys.

I am unsure what is happening in my life. I feel like I am stuck at a standstill. Wake up, go to school. Go to work. Skate. Sleep. Repeat.

There is nothing fun anymore in life. It has just become a routine.

So this has been my primary start. I need to break the routine.

I am opening up to cancelling a day or two a week to either go on a road-trip, see friends, do something out of the ordinary.

If you guys are like me, having schedules can become overwhelming. Especially when you are a Spoonie, who has hundreds of appointments a month in order to figure out whatever is attacking your body.

So don’t be scared to say no for a day and take it off.


The second thing, I try and take two hours after I get home to just relax in bed and watch a TV show or a movie, or write. Before going to sleep. This is to wind down from a hectic day.

Lately. I have been watching a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory before going to sleep.

Don’t feel guilty about doing something like that. You should not just get home from work and sleep.

And don’t worry. I get people work late. Usually I work until 10/11pm so sometimes I only fall asleep at 1-2am.

I also have an off sleeping pattern. So sometimes there will be days where I need to sleep in. Like I physically try and wakeup early but I can’t wake up whatsoever.

You have to take care of your own body. We live in a society where we need to please a workforce because they are down a person, VS taking care of our needs.

If you can work the extra hours do it. But remember don’t stress yourself out with a job that would replace you overnight.

Music. Listening to music helps me relax. Now I don’t like anything in particular. However on Soundcloud I have been getting into some remixes by DJ MDZ and honestly his mixes are my life. They are perfect for whatever mood you are in, to whatever you are doing at the moment.

Now, if you have some overwhelming days and some underwhelming days try and prioritize. For instance. I do everything that must be done that day first. And then I try and spread the rest out.

For example; with these blog posts. Sometimes they are written in the same day and spread out/scheduled for different days.

So essentially;

  • Break out of a pattern
  • Relax more.
  • Watch TV/Movie
  • Spend time with who you love
  • Say no.
  • Take care of yourself.

Stress can cause many more health issues then you already have. If you are not stressed or minimally stressed … take care of it as much as you can. you will feel great after.



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