Concussion: 10 Day Headache…and Counting.



Well, April 29th, 2017 I relived what was probably one of my worst experiences in 2014. Someone hitting the back of my car while I was parked outside a light. However, the extent to the damage was 0…not even a scratch to the car.

It happened in Montreal right near Saint Catherine’s street as I was working my way up to Sherbrooke. I was sitting at a light. With a clear (seeing the wheels of the car) distance in front of me and looking at my steering wheel talking to my friend when all of a sudden my neck and head whipped forward.

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I sat there for what felt like 10 minutes…but was probably 30 seconds in complete shock. How did I get hit from behind again?

I was shaking. I made sure my friend was okay. Then I put my four ways on and got out of the car.

At that moment a Police car drove past and we tried to flag it down but had no such luck of it stopping.

I searched the back of my car and there was no dents, no scratches, no breaks, no damage. I took the information in case but so far still good.

Instantly my head was hurting. My focus was blurred and I was dizzy.

I sat there and kept thinking that I was just tired.

Since the car was damaged…there was no way I could be injured.

I was wrong…

With testing done on my third straight day of headaches I was diagnosed with a grade 1 spinal strain/whiplash and a mild concussion. All this did that to me and nothing on my car?

I couldn’t believe it. But having studied concussions and cases of concussions intensely for the past year I came to realize that yes it could have happened.

Impact was small. The driver was not going more then 15km per hour when he hit me. But I have a history of concussions. Just having a history in itself can cause further damage. I have had whiplash in the past as well. My spine is already damaged from Ankylosing Spondylitis. So…it was all starting to click in why I was suffering from the symptoms.

While I am still allowed to skate (a bit), do school work, use computers etc… I have to keep it monitored.

There will be a lot of time I am staring into space because of how bad the headaches are going.

Tylonel and Advil have helped in the extreme cases of pain…but I am refraining from taking them again.

I am not able to do more than 20 minutes at a time of anything. If I focus too much the headaches will come full force. If I am on cold ice, or in the heat I will get massive ones as well.

I am currently restricting as much as I can to give my brain a rest but at the same time…and like the other concussions it is near the end of a school semester. I have like two weeks left in order to finish and now I am going through this.

It has been ten days since the accident.

The headaches are still there. The severity constantly switches. The glazing is not as bad as right after the accident. I do still get dizzy spells. My neck and spine do hurt time to time. My neck is getting more stiff than in the past. But with time I am sure it will start to get better again.

TAKEAWAY NOTE: Does not matter of the severity of impacts. You can get a concussion no matter what. Remember, if you have a history…the lightest impacts will likely cause the most trouble. 

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