Invitation #4

November 15th 2019.

Photo Credit: Lise Boucher

I am a little late with this one. It has been a crazy few weeks. 

But Invitation #4 happened.

So basically I worked from 6-2 that day. And then I went to the arena and had a dance lesson with my coach. During the lesson, we were not sure if my other coach was going to the competition.

I guess there was some miscommunication-which happens. So he decided to take the evening off and come with me to the competition. What would be the worst case? I have two coaches with me?

I went home after the practice and I took a nap. I woke up at 6:45pm. I was supposed to be at the arena an hour before (meaning 7pm).

I kinda dragged my way out of bed. I was not too worried, this is the one competition I do that is closer to home then the rest.

I get there and I see my dance coach first. We start going through everything, then my head coach shows up.

So you got it, both coaches.

But they get along really well and it did not bother anyone. It would give some experience to my dance coach before coming with me to the next competition.

The competition was late so it was a lot of talking and going around in circles.

I was feeling good though. I put my skates on.

It was time for the warmup. I did my elements. We did not push too hard because I was the first to go.

Warm-up was over. I did my elements. 1 after the other. It was one of the easiest skates that I did so far throughout the season.

Obviously there is still a lot to be worked on. I got a cheated jump on two elements. Both were my combo jumps. I got credited for the first jump with huge deductions.

My first combo jump should have been worth 0.8, ended up being 0.27. Yikes.

My second combo jump should have been worth 0.7, ended up being worth 0.17…

So just there I lost a lot of points. However, my footwork got full credit for the first time this season. Which I was super happy about. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to fix this to have it flow.

And of course there was my spins. My first spin got a +1 and my combo spin got a -1. But not really loosing any marks.

The flow of the solo went really well. And honestly I was super happy.

It took a while for the results to be out. I came second at that competition. I was not mad though, because it was a huge improvement in just a week since the third invitation. And there was another competition coming up in less then a week.

IMG_3600 2.JPG
Photo Credit: Lise Boucher


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