Competition #3…


So Friday November 8th was the third competition of my season. And with everything that has been going on. I got to say it could have went a lot worse then it did.

I should be off my knee. The most important part of my body in order to walk and even skate. However, with some ice and a knee brace I decided to head to the third competition of the season.

Now, just to rewind a little bit. I had the worst morning possible. Like we were so understaffed at work and every fucking person decided to come in for 12 drinks and sandwiches. I was exhausted.

After, I went to the complex and I skated and did my dance lesson. Since I only see my dance coach once a week and we want to test to get rid of the dances.

That actually went well. After I sat upstairs of the complex (instead of going home) in order to have some energy and not fall asleep at home.

I ate supper. And got dressed before leaving to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

It was about a 35 minute drive being cautious because of all the winter weather that was happening.

I got to the rink. I registered. My main coach was there. So it is the first time I have a coach at a competition for the season.

We filled out the element sheet and threw everything in the room. We went around and just talked about stuff. I did no warmup because of my energy level still running on minimal.

Once the time was nearing I got my skates on. But I was feeling different. I knew what was about to come but I did not want to let off that there was anything wrong.

I got ready and I just walked up and down the hallway.

We then had two skaters before the warmup. So I went and stood by the ice.

The next thing I remember was my coach snapping his fingers in front of my face.

I had appeared to zone out. Which I have no idea how that happened.

I came too. And he looked at me.

Now, one thing that I have never really had time to go into detail with is, I suffer from Non-Epileptic Seizures. Ever since the car accident these have been happening.

He gave me the look to indicate he knows what is happening. I looked down and still looked forward to the warmup.

On the warmup, I skated around and did some edges.

The symptoms were coming. I tried to play it off. And I don’t think anyone would have known any different. But my coach has become an older brother whom I have seen nearly daily for the past 5 years.

I stood by the boards. He kept asking me if I was okay. I kept saying yes. He did not believe it but went along with my words.

The end of the warmup was there.

There were two skaters ahead of me.

I just continued staying there.

He kept watching me.

I knew that I would be able to get through with it before any sort of seizure but I also knew it would be close.

Finally my turn. My name was called. I skated to the middle of the ice.

I placed myself.

The music started.

Right away I had not strength or power. I pushed through and jumped my first jump. I did a combo, to try and get all my points but to get the combos out of the way.

I then went into my first spin.

The spin itself was good. Centered. But I was so dizzy, I had trouble not being dizzy for the next little bit of the program.

I threw myself into a random jump.

I landed the jump.

I went into the footwork.

This took out my energy. And my eye-sight was starting to get extremely narrow.

I stopped and went into my spin.

While I did not think that spin would count. It somehow did. I was happy for it, especially when in practice it was not working at all.

All I had left was 2 jumps. Yup. 2 jumps!

I went into my final combo. It went well. I then went into my second to last jump. Between the minimal energy I had and now just seeing shoulder length. I two footed landed my second jump.

I for sure thought I would get invalid. But yet somehow it counted.

The solo ended. I got off the ice. And then I immediately went into the dressing room and sat there focusing on nothing.

While the symptoms were passing. I was still not in the clear.

Eventually I got my stuff and we went upstairs to where the results would be posted.

We watched the last competitor and waited until almost 11:30 pm for the results.

I came first.

I got my first +3 which is amazing. But every other element had a deduction. Also my artistic score wasn’t the greatest.

But there are a few days and I have time to go redeem myself.

One little bump does not set me down. It just becomes a learning curve.

**I will soon make a post on seizures**




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