Moving around while in pain.

Photo on 5-20-19 at 12.42 PM #2

This morning (20/05/2019) I woke up in crippling pain. Just standing on my two feet hurt enough for me to fall over.

The pain is more in my spine, but for some reason goes all the way down into my legs and heels.

I have been grabbing onto furniture in order to move around the house; going from my room to the kitchen and my room to the bathroom.

I have to work tonight and I skate tonight. I have no idea how I will survive.

I am hoping once I get out of the house everything will become better and more relaxed.

I have an issue taking anti-inflammatories so I don’t really want to take anything, but I will bring it with me in case I need it at work to survive.

The exhaustion level is also extremely high. All last week I came out of my comfort zone. I ruined my schedule, did a lot of new things (New job, working different locations etc).

As for my spine, I know that one of the biggest possibilities is the injections are wearing off. My next round is the beginning of June. But at least it is not like it used to be.

What do you do when you feel like shit?

I am looking for ideas of what else I can do in order to start feeling more functional, as well looking for ideas that may be able to help others.


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